Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Leaders, Good Shepherds

For the past year, I've been in a leadership training class with the above name. It's a good experience of taking the best practices in the business world, adding prayer and morality, and utilizing it as priests.

Yesterday's session was about problem solving. It emphasized that, when we are presented a problem, we tend to rush through the problem solving process. Priests don't often get to the heart of the real problem, ask for all the ideas for solutions, or troubleshoot problems that could arise because of the solution of one problem. My biggest problem is typical of priests. When someone presents a problem to me, the easiest solution is to personally solve the problem instead of helping them through a process of figuring it out for themselves. And then, next thing I know, I'm sitting in my office on what is supposed to be my day off resentfully solving the problems that someone else should be solving. I can see how, if I'm going to make it for the long haul of priesthood, I really need to pay close attention to this lesson.

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