Friday, April 21, 2006

Spiritual Directors

I just got back from my spiritual director and I think, if you don't have one already, you should get one. You can't replace your confessor with your spiritual director because you need both.

My spiritual director is just so encouraging and helps me understand what God is doing in my life and teaches me the hardest thing we believers must do, not confuse my will with the will of God. It's worth a five hour car ride for this visit that helps my most fundamental relationship.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Catholic School girls have more fun

Good news from Bishop Gregory about our schools.

Pray for VIESHEA

There is a long tradition in Ames of a springtime celebration called "VIESHEA"

"What does "VEISHEA" stand for? VEISHEA was named in 1922 by Professor Frank D. Paine, Department of General Engineering. He combined the first letters of the colleges at that time, and the name has stuck ever since. The word VEISHEA (pronounced "VEE-sha") stands for:
Veterinary Medicine
Industrial Science
Home Economics
Agriculture" (from the VEISHEA WEBSITE)

It is notorious for two things: end of school release of tension before finals and rioting...literally.

Two years ago this celebration was a real black eye on the University. They have taken significant steps to try to prevent the same mistakes from taking place. However, I'm really concerned because I don't hear students wanting to put the blame on students. It's the Police's fault for breaking up a huge's the president's fault for not having enough's the bars fault for closing down all at once... Unless if students can say those statements as well as saying that it's rioters fault for toppling street lights, parking meters, and wreaking havoc, the lesson is unlearned.

I just hope that, despite the unlearned lesson, nothing bad happens. Please pray for us here at Iowa State.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Waking up

I had two epiphany moments today that made a lot of sense.

1. I regularly read certain conservative blogs, usually done by college-age students that are frustrated with the state of the catholic church. In the middle of reading one with a million responses, I had this realization of Tolkien significance. You may remember the communication (propaganda?) devices between the dark lord, Saruman and the vile figure Sauron that drives the steward crazy. I think that reading these blogs had the same effect on me. They make a vocal minority seem as though they are the norm. I can hear the future of the church that is frustrated with certain liturgical innovations that want to be a voice for a renewal of the renewal. But, I can also hear a real arrogance in their tone...a lack of any sort of charity. So, I deleted them from my favorites so that I'm not influenced by them.

2. I'm reading a book about Opus Dei, the maligned organization of the most evil man on the planet, Dan Brown. In this book, the founder Josemaria Escriva is highlighted. At one point, the liberal author claims that the founder was both accused of being anti-semitical by the Jersualem newspaper Ha'aretz and Opus Dei was accused of being composed of Jews by legitimate anti-semites. Even though it's not a direct statement that you are being a good Christian, I think it is at least shows how much people hate this organization and how unjust that hatred is. Jesus' accusers couldn't get their story straight either.

Pope's letter to priests

here's the summary of the Pope's letter to priests. I wish I could find the original but I'm a little behind and want to get at least this out.