Monday, March 09, 2009

The Great American Novel

Please read the following post with the same seriousness that the conservative commentator Stephen Colbert gives to his television program. In other words, there's a core of truth (that I'm actually writing a book) but that there's a lot of fluff surrounding it (that I think it's going to be worth publishing/good).

Twain? Hemmingway? Poe? Garrison Keiller? Soon we will all wonder who in the heck any of these people are. I'm writing the Great American Novel! It's going to be my first foray into the genre and, considering how much of an incredible priest that I've become in the last 7 years, I'm sure I'll conquer this as well. It's a jaunty novel about a retired military priest that comes home to parish work and has to adjust to the egalitarian, bureaucratic model of contemporary parish ministry. It's sure to be on the New York Times best seller list as soon as it is written. I have three of the ten chapters done at this point so there is a lot of work to do. Of course, since I'm the hardest working guy in the area, I'm sure it'll be done weeks earlier than anyone else could get it done.