Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surrounded by first communion celebrations

Last weekend, at my little rural parish, I celebrate first communion. I had to get up very early (for me) and get there by 7:45 but the kids were just awesome. I love that little parish. I'm really learning who the families are out there since I've been in this assignment for four years. I can see the value of stability in this position. It would be really neat for me if I could be here long enough to watch the kids that I gave first communion to when I first got here be confirmed. I don't anticipate that will happen but one can dream.

This weekend I get to relive the experience, in a sense, by doing it for my University parish. The format is different but I love the excitement of the kids. Some of them have been watching their parents go up and receive for years and will now finally be able to do it themselves. I think it was at St. Thomas that there was a little kid who would go away crying each time he couldn't receive Jesus in the Holy Sacrament. I got to give that kid communion a year ago. I can't wait to see the surprises of who can receive this year.