Friday, April 07, 2006

Personal Update

I usually find lent to be kind-of like a marathon, or at least what I imagine a marathon to be. It starts off and I have a lot of high ideals, in the middle I realize that I'm not really living up to those ideals, and by the end, I'm so tired from living that I just want to get to Easter.

This year has been different. I've found myself exploring Benedictine spirituality. It has been a concern of mine for some time that I didn't have a spiritual "mentor", a saint whose life of faith assists me in my journey. That's what I've found so appealing about St. Benedict and Benedictine sprituality. In praying the psalms and a developed personal prayer, as well as the attitude of treating all guests like Christ and a profound sense of community, I've found my own prayer-life reinvigorated. I've especially found that the chanting of the liturgy of the hours, I've paid more attention to the words that I'm praying and found the time more rewarding...more spiritual. Now, if only God would suggest to the Archbishop that I try being a monk...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

"People-centered" popluation program

I think the article on entitled "Holy See on People-Centered Population Policies" shows the good actions that permeate the episcopacy (another term for "the bishops" and shows that the church can still make stands on controversial issues despite the complaints of some.

"Perhaps it is worth recalling how the mandate of this commission has developed with the passage of time. In years gone by, dire predictions as to the future composition and sustainability of the projected human global population led to radical population policies which have in turn been responsible for different but equally grave dilemmas such as the serious problems brought about by falling birthrates, and the creation of imbalances between men and women in the population, with its own social consequences. If the development of the world's peoples is to be both sustainable and sane, such flawed policies will have to be replaced by truly people-centered ones. "