Thursday, May 11, 2006

My students love me

On the last student-planned Thursday Night mass of the semester, a group of students with whom I routinely worked presented me with a gift of a year's subscription to L'Osservator Romano, the Official Vatican Newspaper. The first issue came today and I couldn't be any happier!!!

The Pope with arms in "orans" (prayer) position next to the headline "The Resurrection and rediscovering Mary in our lives".

I started shaking because I was so happy.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bishop Paul S. Loverde's wisdom

I kind-of wish more bishops would communicate like this. I especially enjoyed hearing about "A chance to share the vision" in which the bishop met with parish leaders to build a common vision. My archbiship did this five years and is discussing ways that we may do this again.

Jubilarians of the world...unite!!!

We had our yearly priests' Holy Hour and celebration of those celebrating anniversaries. Usually, these celebrations are just awful. The speakers talk for too long and turn the evening into a rousing celebration of lament. This year was different, however. The speakers got to the point and sat down. They let us know what it means to be a priest and didn't tell all kinds of stories about the priests that weren't in that room - those that left priesthood. I left Dubuque feeling inspired and honored to be a priest.