Saturday, May 20, 2006

The lie is winning...

I just learned on that the worst movie made in our lifetime has made $29 million dollars. Here's all that I'm going to say; if you support them when they hate us, don't be suprised when they keep hating us. This movie is nothing but lies masquerading as truth and now Catholics have proved that we will not only financially support a book that, in the worst tradition or plagarism and prejudice, condemns our historical foundations but now we are going to financially support a movie that does the exact same thing.

If there is a market, Hollywood will whore itself out to make money. In the next few years, it will find new and more explosive ways to "reveal" the truth of Christianity and we will probably all be surprised what they do. But, if you are holding a ticket stub for Ron Howard's house of lies, you have no right to be angered!

God is love

I was/am struck by an amazing coincidence. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a column about the pope's encyclical called "Deus Caritas Est" or God is love. It appeared in the bulletin this weekend. In the meantime, since the readings for this weekend are saturated with love language, I wrote my homily on the same topic.

Here's what I emphasize in my homilty. God's love is a full understanding of love...a self-less love. We love God because God loved us and sent us his son. We, in turn, love each other with that same kind of love that God first loved us with. I highlight that our culture is fixated on erotic love, or eros, but that God's love is more than just eros and moves in the direction of what is called agape.

I was going to make my point even more explicit by stating, "That's why we shouldn't need to believe that Jesus had sex and fathered children in order to believe that he is human. Any animal can have sex and breed. Jesus' accomplishment was that he taught us the meaning of selfless love and, in the process, gave us a goal of what it means to be fully human." But I didn't. I'm still struggling with how to respond to DaVinci evil.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Fast for DaVinci

The first showing the of DaVinci code in Ames, Iowa will be at 11:30 this Friday. I will fast for one full day and pray that people just avoid evil. Anyone want to join me?