Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday January 15 2015

Every day, I'm going to try to write a brief paragraph about the ups and downs of my priestly ministry. I'll always give them the title of the date and give my homilies actual titles so you can tell the difference.

Today was a good day. I celebrated Mass at St. Boniface church in Garner. I'm reflecting upon the letter to the Hebrews right now as the church has us using it for the first reading at daily Mass for the next few weeks. After Mass, I came back and worked with my staff on a couple of small projects before going to my room to spend some time working on my homily for this weekend and my Spanish pronunciation. I have a Spanish Mass Saturday night. This afternoon I made it to the gym and then went to Forest City to converse with and pray with Fr. Paul. Then, I attended a very hopeful meeting of the Cluster Pastoral Council. This body is made up of two members from each of my six parishes who come together to work toward greater unity and seek common solutions. They're a really helpful group and one that helps me see the forest through trees and bear poop. Now I'm home for the night ready for a good night of sleep.

 Actually, it's been a great week. In early December, I came up with a solution to a problem that I've had ever since I became pastor here. I have been consistently celebrating two Masses on Wednesday in order to fit the total number of daily Masses in a week. However, the Daily Mass people from one of the parishes, St. Boniface in Garner, agreed to only have one Mass per week, making it possible to move their Mass from Wednesday to Monday! And meaning I only have to wake up three days before 8:00 am. But tomorrow is one of the earliest days so I better head to bed.

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