Monday, July 07, 2008

A couple of really interesting stories about mass

It appears that the new sacramentary will never be released. One story said that the bishops rejected the latest translation of the some of the prayers of the mass. It goes down the the division within the US church between so-called liberal and conservative bishops. Do we want more sophisticated language or more simplistic language?

Then, if we do get the translation passed, it appears from another story that the Pope is considering moving the sign of peace and having us say the consecration in Latin. That would be quite a radical change and, given what the Holy Father has said about how we don't need to change the liturgy any more than it has already been changed, I have my doubts.

If we can take any consolation from these stories, it's that I have more time before I have to convince people to say, "And with your spirit" in response to the phrase "The Lord be with you." Just 46 more years to retirement. I think I'll make it!

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