Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The trinity

My homily this weekend focused on how the trinity is envisioned as an overflowing of love (Holy Spirit) between the Father and Son. This is prefigured in the love of husband and wife in married life. This is how most of us learn about God, from family and why, As Christians, we cannot accept gay marriage and need to work against it. Love is perfected with similarity and dissimilarity.


Hillary Holmes said...

I think you need to qualify your statement against gay marriage a little better than that. The image of a male person of God overflowing with love for another male person of God to create the third person of God doesn't exactly sound like a ringing endorsement for heterosexual-only marriages. Just sayin'.

Fr.Dennis said...

That was a summary of a ten minute homily. I probably should have said that the point was the filial love of father and son is the image of husband for wife and the love of husband and wife is imaged in the love of Adam for Eve.

Love of husband for wife is God which has its roots in the relationality of the trinity.