Sunday, May 25, 2008

Coming off a wonderful week of vacation

I decided that the best way to start taking classes toward a degree in Human Development and Family Studies was to get rid of all parish responsibilities so that I could focus on being a student again. It's a little intimidating just to find the right building and walk in let alone, sit there among life-long sociologists and try to "fit in". So far, things have gone incredibly well. I have an excellent prof who's really patient with me and a group of fellow students that have been so patient with me. I would never have thought that the real joy of doing this on vacation was that it MADE me think. I had to read. I didn't just sit around all week cleaning my apartment or getting sun while camping. Instead, I learned a lot and was able to relax and just be someone different for a while.

The challenge of priesthood is that we need to be life-long learners. Sometimes we need someone to push us a little to do it.

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