Sunday, July 08, 2007

The theological virtue of hope

I heard a lot about the this virtue during the readings for this weekend. In the first reading which dealt with the celebration the Israelites had when they returned from exile, in St. Paul's rejoicing in the cross of cross which he saw in the marks on his flesh, and in Christ warning the 72 that he is sending them like sheep among wolves; it all points to the suffering we must endure patiently knowing that God is still in charge even when the evil one seems to be so.

It was hot in my little church in the prairie. We had a short mass and then I got back to my camper to load it up. It was too uncomfortable to even stay for lunch. I hurried home and am now sitting in air conditioned relaxation. The good thing is that it should promote growth of corn and that means we Iowans will have some corn on the cob...right around the time my friend Kate moves to town.

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