Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Some thoughts on the fourth of July

I don't consider myself a particularly patriotic person. I mean I do have respect for the USA because it does seem to be the best form of government possible in the absence of the promised presence of the Holy Spirit. And I'm a person that believes we should do things in service to the country simply because it is our country.

I think it's interesting that there are some who seem to constantly criticize the government because it cannot do anything right. And there are those who seem to believe that the government cannot do anything wrong. I am a theologian not a political scientist so this could be wrong...or maybe I should just form this in the form of a question since I'm really not trying to say that I know this for sure.

Why does it seem like liberals have no hope and conservatives have false hope? When I think of liberals, I think of people that always find the negative, always seek to criticize. And, conservatives can criticize too but they like to ignore any problems that are present. Am I totally wrong on this?

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Scott said...

As far as what is currently seen in politics today, no, you are not wrong. Simply because the current government presents "conservatives" in the limelight and "in control" so the "liberals" on the other side, of course, criticize at every chance. As for the conservatives, they come off as ignoring problems simply by trying to defend their leaders. I consider myself fairly conservative yet i do find some of the things being done by our conservative leaders in government as appalling. Yet my stance of still supporting conservative leadership, even given the current failures, comes off as ignoring the problem.
If the next election yields a power change with liberals prominently in power, all of the criticisms/defending will switch sides. It is, unfortunately, to what our political system has sunk. Real discussion and analytics in the media have been overthrown by personal attacks and exploited individual comments taken out of context.