Sunday, June 10, 2007

And I'm back...

I had one full week of being a priest "incognito", still a priest but no one knew. I wore shorts all week and saw a few of the very rare archaeological sites that are in the United States. It was wonderful. Now I go off for a few days of convocation and then I've got to get started preparing for next school year. My month of relaxation is quickly coming to an end.

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mjc said...

i'm happy you enjoyed your vacation "incognito" and continue to enjoy what vacation you have left.
priests need time off too even though they are officially never on vacation!
i do wish though that more priests and religious would wear their clerical dress or habits more in public. we all want vocations to the priesthood and religious life but outside of church, no one "sees" priest or religious!
besides reminding the wearer of his/her dedication to jesus, the habit shows in a very visible public way that "hey, there really are people still who have a serious commitment to this "jesus guy" and i kind of like what i see. maybe i should see if i too am interested in such a big time commitment, aka vocation!"
the dress isn't a barrier but a visible sign and should be used as a good recruiting too i think.