Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I got these from a friend several months ago and I just found them again. They cracked me up. Anyone know who deserves credit?


SMS said...

Rabbit meat is really tasty!! So is french fries !!!

SMS said...

ps:- what exactly is LITURGICAL ABUSE??

Fr.Dennis said...

I think I would define it as "Intentionally defying liturgical law in the celebration of mass"

A few examples would be...

1. refusing to pour the pitcher at the appropriate time.
2. refusing to say the glory to God because it is "sung prayer"
3. skipping things like the sequence or creed for the sake of brevity.

There are others. Anyone else want to give some examples?

Domini Sumus said...

I believe it comes from Alive and Young.


mjc said...

other abuses i've seen lately and make me very disappointed.
1) allowing persons to drink from the "chalice" which is a water goblet and to self-communicate by just picking up the chalice that the priest sat on the corner of the altar.
2) priests and/or deacons not purifying the sacred vessels---which again consist of a water glass and glass pie plate---literally!
3) the priest not washing his hands
4) no or a very abbreviated penitential rite
5) immodest dress by men and women attending the holy sacrifice of the mass
6) no ability to properly dispose ourselves to participate in the sacred mysteries of the mass because the whole congregation including the greeters and ushers are in a "total gab-fest"
7 extraordinary eucharistic ministers who parade to the altar and distract from the eucharist---and then laugh and giggle amongst themselves on the altar
8) extraordinary eucharistic ministers that "slurp" the last of the wine while walking back to the altar.
and yes, i've seen it all around here. and when i mentioned this to a priest, he said i "seemed to have lots of anger" and that i should maybe take it to "my confessor"!!!!