Saturday, April 14, 2007

A sad story...and a little confustion

I heard in this story about the Vatican's decision not to attend the Yad Vashem invitation. As a person who lived in Israel for a while and someone who visited this particular Holocaust museum, I know that whatever we can do to help improve relations with the Jewish people is a good thing. But, I understand that we have to protect the memory of Pope Pius XII, especially since he has has been defamed largely in the last 35 to 40 years, not only after his death but after years of adulation by the Jewish community over what he did do.

It's sad that the Vatican has to prepare a 3000 page document defending Pius XII before his beatification ceremony
. But I need some help. What the heck does the first story mean by "sparked a row". I'm assuming, contextually, it means that it has upset people but does it mean something else?


Katie said...

to "spark a row" is to start a noisy dispute or quarrel; commotion.

SMS said...

Maybe it shows the human side of Vatican. Nobody is perfect, except for God.

delicat_angel said...

Sorry I cannot help with that question. However, I did want to say it is really sad that 3000 pages are needed to defend anyone who is/was Pope! I am very new to the Catholic Church, so I really do not know much about the Popes and even less about what people say about them. Due to this I am reading and watching Church apporved books and movies to learn more about Pius XII.