Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Like a shepherd without any sheep...

I have enjoyed my time here...for the most part...at the National Conference for Diocesan Vocation Directors. I am a "New Vocation Director", which means I got a blessing and everyone is very supportive since they know this is my first time. They were sure to put a green sticker on my nametag letting everyone know I'm new.

The tough thing is that I miss my people. This is the third professional workshop of the year for me. I was supposed to be here until later in the evening on Wednesday but, partially because of a situation in the parish and partially because of my yearning to go hom, I'm leaving after the last conference tomorrow.

I have learned a lot about being a shepherd these last four years of priesthood and it's hard to be away from my people. I know I need to remember these times for when my people are annoying, when they are unfairly criticizing me, or when they disappoint me. I know my sheep. My sheep know me. Now let me get back and be their shepherd!

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