Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And another thing...

In the last two days, I've heard two different bishops speak about their rold in vocational promotion. And, even though I know that it's unfair to believe that every bishop is gifted with the same gifts, I want to applaud these bishops for what they do.

Archbishop Harry Flynn of the Twin Cities runs two seminarys, one at the college level and one at the graduate level. I remember meeting personally with Archbishop Flynn during my last year there for a "check-up" meeting. He is an incredibly caring individual with a listening ear. It is obvious that he cares for both his seminarians and his newly ordained priests.

Bishop Robert Carlson was also obviously very supportive of vocations in his diocese. He said that, of all the priests that were ordained in his diocese, all of them lived with him at one time. He, apparently, has seminarians live in his basement during formation in order to get to know them. And, to his credit, of his 33 ordinations in his diocese, not a single man has yet left priesthood. I think it speaks to the openness of this shepherd in knowing his sheep.

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