Saturday, April 23, 2011

Some Reflections on my first Easter Vigil as a pastor

I've been waiting for the moment when I start to feel like I belong here. Things are starting to seem "normal" here instead of like everything is constantly changing.

This Easter Vigil was very special for me. It was the first time I celebrated it as a pastor. I'd done my best to avoid celebrating it before because I said that the pastor should always be the one to bring people into the church. I was able to sit and listen to all the wonderful Old Testament readings (We did five) and I chanted probably 75% of the prayers (including Eucharistic Prayer I) and I managed to use incense and not spill the coals (unlike Holy Thursday!).

Probably the time that just hit me was when my butt hit the chair after communion for a few moments of reflection/thanksgiving. The choir started singing Regina Coeli Latare and I thought to myself: Rejoice, O Church for he who Mary bore has truly risen. Alleluia.

He is Risen. He is truly risen.


Sebastian said...

Happy Easter, Father Dennis! Thank you for your priesthood! Congratulations on surviving your first Triduum as pastor!

joyfulcolors said...

Yes, you belong here!