Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sometimes you get short homilies

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Grace and Peace to you in God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit. For the past year and a half, Father Hertges and I have been in a leadership training course called Good leaders, Good Shepherds. We have been learning techniques that will help us be better pastors. The challenge has always been to make sure that we are following Gospel values of leadership first and foremost and using skills of business when they support and correspond to those Gospel values.

The gospel today shows us Christ’s vision of leadership. As he is hanging on the cross, he is mocked by powerful soldiers to use his power to come down from the cross. Even one of the convicts being crucified with him wants to preserve his earthly life and echoes the mockery of the soldiers by asking that Jesus remove himself from the cross. There is only one convict that truly understands that Jesus true power is in salvation. He says, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

On this Christ the King Sunday, we don’t think of a king in beautiful robes seated on a royal throne. We contemplate the King of heaven and earth enthroned on the cross for our sins and echo the sentiments of the good thief, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”


joyfulcolors said...

Blessed Thanksgiving, Father.

I'm wondering, what are the ways the world asks us to remove ourselves from the cross?

Fr.Dennis said...


After we talked, I snooped through my email inbox and it wasn't there. But, then I looked on the site and there's a place for comment moderation and it was listed there as well as a couple of older junk mail ones.

As I told you on Sunday, I think the world wants us to set as top priority our own comfort and self care. The cross means that we look to God and others before we look toward ourselves. Good question.