Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I know my people and they know me.

This week is what I jokingly refer to as "birth week". It started last Saturday on the Memorial of St. Denys and finishes this Saturday on my actual Birthday. I try to use it as a time to reflect on what's happening in my life positive and negative. I tend to look on this as a deeply personal experience of self improvement and renewal. And, to be honest, I know there are a lot of very negative things that I need to work on and a few good things that I've changed from last year.

This morning, after mass in Duncan, I went with the kaffeeklatsch people to Hardees for breakfast. As you can read in this past weekend's homily, I really do think of this as a great chance to interact with a group of my parishioners to hear what's happening in their communities. For instance, I learned that the farmers aren't even having to dry their crops this year because the moisture level is just perfect. That saves them money and means that they'll hopefully be taking home more money.

I noticed at mass that there were a larger number of people than normal. I figured that the mass intention really drew the people. Then, a larger number than normal came out for coffee. I figured that it was because they were finishing work in the fields and had the time to come back to mass. Then, they handed me my Birthday present: AN AWESOME IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY HOODIE! They were there for me. Wasn't that nice of them to do that? I was very happy. So happy, in fact, that I was kind of speechless. It reminded me briefly of my second year at Iowa State when a group of students did the same thing for me. People love their priests.


EyeAwa said...

Well, Happy Birthday on the 16th Father. This is kind of a big week for myself also. My younger brothers name is Dennis. (he passed away in 2002. God Bless his soul) Friday night West Hancock plays football against Bishop Garrigan High for 1st place in the district. I graduated from Garrigan way back in ...ah...we will just say long ago. My niece has a son that is a senior on Garrigans team. Their family and another niece and her family and my sister (their mother) are all coming over early for munchies and we are going to the game together. Then after the game we are going to have a victory toast. For someone

Then on sat morning my youngest daughter from Garner's oldest son is playing my youngest son from Britt's son in a 5th / 6th grade football game at Britt at 10:00 AM.

I can't lose fri nite, either way. And I can't lose sat morning, either way.

Oh ya....sat...the ...MY BIRTHDAY ALSO !!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FATHER. Your welcome to join us.


Fr.Dennis said...

Happy Birthday, Jerry. Sorry I missed all of last night's festivities. I was at the Forest City game trying (and ultimately failing!) to cheer on the Indians to a win over the Cyclones of Denver. I hope you have a Happy Birthday, though!