Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More digging, more learning

I did a little research into the site of my future "home base" parish in Forest city, Iowa. It appears that the church was linked to several parishes and missions throughout it's life. It moved location at least three times from west of town to downtown to its current location north of town. The parish was founded basically because of a large group of Irish immigrants in the small town of Bristol, Iowa, which I can't wait to drive through to see if the first Catholic Cemetary is still there.

To me, the most intriguing fact of the history book I've been using (that unfortunately only goes until 1937) is, "The missions attached to Forest City at this time were: Lake Mills, Northwood, Thompson, Buffalo Center, and Armstrong." So, a previous priest was responsible for six ecclesial communities. I need to look up this Father John P. Taken and ask for his intercession as I begin this assignment. And, if anyone can find where Lakewood was, (No, not the one that's close to Des Moines! It'd have to be somewhere in North Central, Iowa), I'll appreciate it. I have a feeling I'll file it under the category of "places that aren't really towns in Iowa but the locals all call it that so I better learn that name if I plan to have any credibility with the locals."

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