Thursday, December 24, 2009

A great celebration

The weather in Iowa is crud. I was really tempted to cancel the mass out at our little rural parish because they kept saying that the ice was coming. But, being stubborn and Germanic, I refused. And I'm glad I did. As most of my brother priests in the area made the decision to cancel mass, I went out to a full church over wet (not slick) roads. And when I came back, the snow/ice/rain combination was just starting. I went slow but the roads never got slick.

And the mass was just incredible, not because of anything that I did, just because of the preparation that went into it. The church was packed. The choirs did really well, especially the college student who led the Responsorial Psalm. And there were so many people that I've never seen before along with all the regulars.

Tomorrow I'll celebrate the 9:00 if I can possibly make it to St. Thomas. And then I may have to be alone for Christmas. But, that's okay. I'm warm and well fed. There are a lot of people who can't say that much.

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