Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go away....but please come back at the end of July or early August

The pattern for the last several years in Iowa has been that we have wet springs and dry falls. We are past the point of a wet spring at this point...closer to a flood of biblical proportions. Streams and rivers that are already out of their banks are filling farm fields that should be filled with the first signs of corn stalks are filled with water. Farmers will suffer. Ethanol will suffer. Food will suffer.

But, I'm fearing that we'll dry up and not get any more rain until late November or early December when it turns to ice like it did last winter. The few plants that barely survive the flood will die because of dehydration. I guess I'll just keep praying that we get the amount of rain that we need and see what happens.

I wish I knew why God did these things. Maybe God does these things because we have forgotten how important he is in our lives. Maybe he figures that a little suffering is good for the reminds us of the suffering of Christ. In any case, I think we understanding suffering for now. But then again, I'm not God. Maybe there is something more that we need to learn.


Hillary said...

How do you even say that this is God's doing?

Or is God getting Alzheimer's?

Fr.Dennis said...

Good question. Not about Alzheimer's but the other one.

Carly said...

God flooded the earth once to show his displeasure. I don't see why weather wouldn't be a way for him to communicate with us. Though it might not be a specific punishment, natural disasters bring people together and force normal people to do great things for others.