Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Did I call it or what!?!

Did you catch this?

On a previous post, I said that even the (so called) conservatives would find a way to take the beauty of the papal visit and make it bad. I even said that the issue they would focus on was pro-choice politicians receiving communion. Catholic World News (the Fox News of Catholic Web services) continues to criticize the Pope for not making sure John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy didn't receive communion. I guess I should be glad that they also open up criticism to Rudy Giuliani on this one.

It's too bad that they seem insistent to follow the trend of criticism instead of focusing on what the Pope did accomplish. Because, if they do, they will be amazed and transformed.


Anonymous said...

Agreed...The focus on abuse and his attempts to begin healing that rift, as has been his goal all along (mending rifts).

As per focusing on denying Communion, I think that a person should be held up to their actions. But to my understanding, Communion is a means to a greater connection with God, as with the other sacraments.

sirhair said...

Very true.

They're upstaging the power of Christ, by focusing on a scandal that sells.

It is indeed a scandal that the politicians received communion, but a greater scandal still to use this as a way of putting quibbles before Christ.

sirhair said...

Oh, and I do think it's being handled well pastorally by Cardinal Egan and Archbishop Wuerl.

In fact, I'm quite amazed at the pastoral depth of Cardinal Egan's response and how it shows he's been keen to keep this a private pastoral action, but was forced by the Guilianni to make it a public chastisement.