Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another reason to love Iowa State and know that University of Iowa just doesn't get it.

I'm doing research into the tragic events at Northern Illinois University for a presentation I'm doing next week. On it's website, NIU has listed condolences it has received from different colleges and universities regarding the event. See if you are struck by the differences between

the University of Iowa


Iowa State University

When I read Iowa's, it seems like the president isn't even offering condolences. It's not until the last sentence that she encourages people to focus on those who were killed. For the first three paragraphs, it's all about how the University of Iowa is facing a challenge. President Geoffroy, on the other hand, has a beautiful paragraph of condolence before he makes a statement regarding how everyone needs to be vigilant to protect students.

It's so great to be part of a University whose president models concern and service before worrying about themselves.

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Hillary said...


Fr. Dennis I think you are reading bias into these statements. I agree that I like Geoffrey's better; I think it is worded more beautifully and concisely. But they both say essentially the same thing:

1.) ISU/SUI acknowledges violent tragedy, extends sympathy/condolences to affected communities.

2.) ISU/SUI addresses local campus security.

3.) ISU/SUI reminds its campus of available counseling services.