Monday, January 21, 2008

John the baptist and my first case of swearing in a homily

I was telling a story about a student who I thought was trying to know more about priests in general but who was, instead, trying to figure out if I was straight or gay. When I discovered it, I wanted to say to the kid, "That's none of your business" and that's what I had intended on saying in my homily on Sunday but, instead, I said, "That's none of your DAMN business."

That was enough to throw of the rest of my homily. I meant to talk about how John the Baptist's life led people to think he was weird but that allowed him to have a sense of perspective to talk from both outside and inside, as both a Jew and someone who was more than just a normal Jew, more holy than most of the Jews of his time. I intended on talking about how priesthood is partly about giving order to the holy, holy orders. And why priesthood is so important today and needs to be something we talk about with our kids. Unfortunately, I was so thrown off that I sort of muttered something about how priesthood is important and tapped danced around priesthood not being a sad or lonely life. All in all, it was not my best celbration of the eucharist.

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Domini Sumus said...

Awww, it happens to the best. I've heard worse in homilies.