Friday, October 05, 2007

Two funerals and a first degree induction

My week began and ended with funerals. It was packed and crazy and reminded me of what a normal parish is like. And, in the middle, I was reminded of the beauty of the Knights of Columbus first degree induction.

There are times when priests think of our vocation in terms similar to the secualar world. We think that being a pastor is better than being an associate. And, for some reason, this week I've been falling into that trap instead of being satisfied with where I'm and what I'm doing now. Being an associate pastor has its advantages. It's hard to remember those and not think about the "freedom" that comes with being pastor.

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Adoro te Devote said...

From your perspective, what is the "freedom" of being a Pastor?

Is it the get to get out from under the thumb of a Pastor with whom you may disagree, offer your own suggestions, etc?

Or is there something more to it?

In some ways, (If one's Pastor is a good one), it seems that being an Associate would be a good don't have to "run the business". There's a lot you don't have to do, and what a blessing that must be!

Sadly, priests these days have also to be prepared to get a degree in business. If you have that, great...but it shouldn't HAVE to be that way

Oh...and in case you have any interest at all; the post I suggested I might email you is posted today. I may take it down, but we'll see. I prayed about putting it up in March, and I'm praying now about keeping it up.

It was a really difficult post to write, and hard to put out there again..but I pray it makes a difference to someone.