Friday, August 24, 2007

seeking a new church

I read in this story that a retired bishop has gone over to the dark side. He's advocating the same thing that Called to Fraction has been calling for since their inception. And he'll, undoubtedly, be just disappointed as they are when the Vatican "doesn't hear him". In truth, they'll say what they do when people propose radical change: Say thank you very much but NO!!!!

My favorite quote is "I'm looking for a very different church" because, in some sense, he's right. Initially I wanted to respond, "No, you're not. You want us to be one of a host of mainlain Protestant communities." But, since they aren't a church per se because they've disregarded apostolic succession, he's clearly not talking about simply becoming one of them them. Of course, it would make us look and act exactly like a Protestant community and it makes me wonder why these "dissenting Catholic" don't just go and become one of them. What is so threatening about the catholic church that people always want us to act like other Christian bodies?


Steve O said...

I am a bit offended by that line of reasoning. Regardless of how the Catholic Church is today the papacy has done some very unchristian things at numerous times along its succession. To say that another church isn't a church because we don't agree that Christ only speaks/works through a single Vicar is the same as saying any non-Catholic is going to Hell.

What is threatening about the Catholic church? I've met many Catholics I'm proud to call brother or sister, but the majority are ignorant of the gospel or even what the church teaches to the detriment of themselves and those around them.

Fr.Dennis said...

Before you comment on this blog again please take logic 101.

Steve O said...

I'm sorry... I truly thought you meant that there is no other church but the Catholic Church and got righteously indignant at you rather than talking to Christ about my anger. I am interested in genuine conversation and discussion about these things... I admit I am a bit unteachable at times and God is working on that.

Much of the things I speak of in reference to Catholics are things I "learned" as I grew up Catholic (around many in-name-only-Catholics). I guess part of me is still bitter about that and blames the whole Church for any flaw I see. I apologize for assuming what you meant without asking questions and I ask your forgiveness if I have offended you.