Monday, July 23, 2007

Great Quote

I'm reading the book "Catholic Matters" by Richard John Neuhaus. I thought this was a hilarious quote and so true that it makes me cry....

"When the Second Vatican Council permitted the liturgy in the vernacular - contra many liturgists it did not mandate the vernacular - slap-dash translations of the Latin were rushed into use...Many of the appointed prayers may be summarized in the petition, 'O Lord, help us to be even nicer people than we already are.' Awe, majesty, mystery, unworthiness --anything associated with wonder in the face of the numinous -- is out."

Too true. Pray for the reform of the reform.


Domini Sumus said...

I think that was the standard petition at my parish when I was a child.

jc4me said...

Morning Fr.Dennis,
After recently reading your post on comments, and having not commented before, I wanted to add a little something. A morale booster, I guess. I am not a resident of Ames, nor have I ever met you, but I am just someone who is a Catholic looking for more and more ways to love the Catholic church-- and your goal states that is your goal, giving poeple more reasons to love the Catholic church. I, usually, find your posts lead me to even more informative materials becuase you are commenting on something you have read somewhere else, and so I am then led to that source to further my learning about our religion. Having attended Catholic schools in Iowa as a child, I now realize that perhaps at that time the system was not as informative or formative in faith as it is now, which I have proof of the current situation because my children attend Catholic schools. So I am only saying, that I enjoy continuing to learn about the Catholic faith, and I enjoy reading your blog, and only wish that you posted more often! Thanks for taking and making the time to share your faith with us in this way! Blessings on your day!