Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Abram and Lot

Yesterday's daily reading was about Abram and Lot, two brothers. In modern parlance, we would say they are small family farmers, though that is at least a bit of an anachronism. They decided that they couldn't stay in the same place because there wasn't the resources for both flocks to feed. So Lot moved East of the Jordan valley into modern day Jordan and Abram stays in modern day Israel.

Then it says God blessed Abram with much prosperity. There is no comment about what happens to Lot but we know that, in the future, his wife will be transformed into a pillar of salt because she looked back. The question that haunts me is why did God bless Abram and not bless Lot. What made Abram more special than Lot?

I'm not sure what would cause that but it has caused a lot of reflection on my part as to why my family has had such a (relatively) great life while other people have such difficult lives. I have no doubt this is at least partially explained by the mind of God dealing with humanity's transgression. And maybe I should be happy that, at least for now, my family is more among the Abrams than the Lots.

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