Monday, May 07, 2007

the love of God

I realized something right now. After having preached my homily in three different masses, I have really done nothing that Tolkien called it "my precious" from the character of Gollum in his Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was encouraging people to not let possessions take over their hearts but to focus on God and the people of God. It was only tonight that I realized that that was what Tolkein was focusing on with Gollum's referance to "my precious." I'll publish it in entirety later on in the week and you can agree or disagree with me.


Domini Sumus said...

I cam confused. Didn't Tolkien write the Lord of the Rings or is that beside the point?

Don't mind me, I haven't read or seen LOTR.

Fr.Dennis said...

Whoops! Chesterton...Tolkien...who can tell the difference, right. Two British dudes...(laughs uncomfotably)

I fixed though.

Domini Sumus said...

You are forgiven. lol!
It's not lkie I dno't make mistkeas.