Friday, May 25, 2007

Back from retreat

I just got back from a superb retreat and found that it's hard to come back to the "real world". The monks in the mastery in which I stayed would be quiet during supper. They are quiet when they walk around the monastery. They chant beautifully during their prayer times. I will miss the 6 am Office of Readings. I came back to a raucous wedding rehearsal and I couldn't help but miss the monastery. I had to come back home because of the noise. I will miss the silence of the monastery. I need to work on cultivating that.

Along the time on my retreat, I came up a with a few ideas to blog about including the professionalizing of parish live, finding the right question, and another search for help. At some point, I'm going to ask you to recommend a reading that I could do every day to complete what I'm calling the D7.

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SMS said...

Lucky guy. I am so jealous