Sunday, March 25, 2007

The last hurdle cleared?

I remember that, approximately a year ago, my life basically cleared out and set the stage for a relatively easy summer. I say relatively because there are still students around and I still need to be able to get work done and I have more weddings over the summer and, thus, more wedding prep. But, it is nothing compared to the long days that happen routinely during the school year. I remember, for all intents and purposes, a period of a month and a half where there wasn't anything hugely pressing after Easter. I hope I've got to that point a little earlier this year.

The past three days have been hectic. I taught at the University on Thursday, had our fish bake yesterday, and hosted an all day gathering of guys thinking about priesthood today. It was very rewarding to sit with these young men who are asking themselves if priesthood is right for them. But, now it's over and I can finally relax. I'm kind of happy that, through all of that, I was able to blog. If I can do it in three really intense days, I should be able to do it when it's not so intense. I just need to be able to read so that I have something more than internet news stories to bring to the blog.

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