Friday, December 01, 2006

Where's our snow?

I'm a little disappointed, to be honest, that we didn't get any snow in Iowa, at least not where I live. They told us we probably would and then there was none. It all went to the East...Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. I look out and there's a lot of cold students walking past my window and the grass still has a bit of green in it, although even that is beginning a turn to the deadly brown of winter. I like the first snow and then I'm ready for spring. The snow is so clean and pure. Maybe I should realize that the first snow is just being put off for a while and be happy that every snowfall that misses us is just putting winter off a little while longer.

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Tim Malone said...

Be strong Father, I am certain it will come. Here in New York we have had unseasonably warm weather and hence no snow to speak of either. My parents in Illinois are the only ones enjoying the results of this storm as far as I know!!!

Wanted to thank you for the encouragement to read some of Benedict's literature, I will definitely look it up and look forward to hearing a voice that speaks the truth. The New York Times and all the magazines around here, just do not cut it.

Oh and I wrote a paper for my philosophy of the mind class. It is 15 pages, and I kind of had to end it abruptly as I had other things to do, but I can send it to you if you are interested. Having studied philosophy yourself I would love to have you critique my case for universal truth. It was an interesting journey, and in the end I simply sought to raise some questions in the mind of my overtly atheist professor.

God bless,
I will be back in May for graduation and will be sure to stop in.

Say hi to everyone for me please, I will keep you all in my prayers!