Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fishers of Men

Sorry about not posting for a while. I hope to post every day but these past three weeks have not been good for me.

One of the reasons for that was the project Fr. Phil Gibbs did for the priests of the Archdiocese of Dubuque called Fishers of Men. I played a small part in it and, as usual, worried for weeks about what could go wrong. I was worried that some of my more radical brothers would use this as a day to call for ordinarion of women and ordination of married men. This really gets us no where. Instead, the theory behind this program is that preiests have the tendency to get down on priesthood and focus on what can be fixed. But, happy priests promote vocations. So, if we want the next generation of priests to step forward, we have to put the best foot forward.

We gathered together to talk about what gives us life about priesthood. And, as I hope I communicate in this blog, there are a lot of life-giving experiences in priesthood. It was refreshing to sit down with my brother priests and remind ourselves of that. I sometimes wonder if we should do more of this type of reflection and less where we feel like we have to involve staffs and parish councils and committees and everyone else who wants to show up. As married couples remind me, there are things that I will never know about marriage because I've never been married. There are things that you can't understand about priesthood unless you are a priest. We need to help each other succeed and not think that we can succeed in a vacuum.

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