Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A beautiful August Day

What a great day! It was in the upper 80s, which would normally be too warm and even though I don't like running my air conditioner in October, I had to keep reminding myself that it's not going to be long before it's December, January....May. You know, Iowa winter. No Fun! You can't leave your house. I need to enjoy these days of warmth before it's just too darn cold again.

It was a sad day for another reason, however. The darn Texas Longhorns brought a clearly sterroid rudden volleyball team into Hilton Colliseum and beat my Cyclones in three staight sets. Of all the teams to do it, why the darn Longhorns. I kept wanting to sing the A&M fight song. Saw Varsity's Horns off...short! But my Iowa State kids wouldn't let me. Darn you Longhorns!


Mary said...

Father, who is a kind understand priest in Dubuque- who would work well with a 60 year old woman --who has attended Mass--done CEW's lectored, distrubted, but has not gone to confession in ohhhhhhhhh 20 years or so. Who also has some pretty heavy behaviors in prior years1 Now that is a problem for you. Thanks,

Fr.Dennis said...

Mary, you are burdened with many things.

I think there are many many good priests in Dubuque. But, you have a future saint in one of the parishes, in my own opinion. His name if Fr. Dustin Vu and he's at Resurrection. He's incredibly compassionate and caring. Just let him know that it's been a while and that you may need help. He'll take good care of you.