Saturday, September 16, 2006

Reflections on a college football game

Today the number 16 University of Iowa hawkeyes defeated the unranked Iowa State Cyclones. There were some huge mistakes on the Cyclone cyde and some great plays by the hawkeyes. It was hard to come to the realization that my beloved Cyclones were going to lose to the hawkeyes and that I was going to have to hear all my hawkeye friends rub it in. Ugh!

It's tough to be a Cyclone fan. They showed marked improvement from last week and they continue to improve but they still aren't great. I think of the Cyclones as somewhat like our struggle with sin. Sometimes you win but often you lose. It's easy to get frustrated and want to give up but you know that you can't. You can get just have to pick up and try again.

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Tim Malone said...

Amen Father, try the Cubs, or the Mets I suppose now that I am in New York. But of the course the teams from the opposite sides of these cities seem to be doing ok. World Series, ya I wanted to thank you for always challenging me, and I am beginning to learn the value of staying up on current issues. Take for example what the Pope recently said about Islam, and how misinterpreted it has become, and I can now know this because I have read the actual speech. It is great to be informed!!! And to have time to do it. I hope that you still have the time to do so yourself. Please pass on my greetings to everyone, but those in the discernment group especially. It matters not where you go, if the true desire is there is your heart it will be with you wherever you go. But unfortunately so will sin!!!

God bless,