Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day - A day to take a break from laboring.

As a kid, labor day was the last really good camping weekend of the summer. After this, we knew that we'd have to leave later on Friday afternoon because of school and arrive earlier on Sunday to get homework done. This summer will make me value the fall weather more than most, I imagine.

I find myself rather philosopical today. I'm using that term somewhat loosely, a dangerous prospect for a philosphy major. Nonetheless, as I sit watching Lord of the Rings, it occurs to me that I know between now and Thanksgiving, I will get very little rest. I will have to work six and sometimes seven days out of the week. Saying that I'm behind is both an understatement and an exaggeration.

This labor day, it is tempting to try to get work work on my homily for this weekend or make some preparations for a retreat I'm working on for November. And, even though I know I will have to be working on a barbecue at five today, I also know that this labor day is also my day sabbath day of rest to reconnect with my God. This is the challenge I face this semester: to not work seven days a week, to not let sloth throughout the week defeat the day that gives life meaning. I hope to be like Benedict and realize that if I'm a failure as a campus minister, it is bad. But if I am a failure as a man of God, I am doomed.

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